• Lanai Landing Dolphin Adventure

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Lanai Landing Dolphin Adventure

MAUI Activities - Get the best of Lanai, enjoying land and sea!  This tour will allow you to experience the beauty of the island Of Lanai as you visit a beautiful beach located in a marine sanctuary!


     * Start your morning with juice, coffee, and morning snacks during check-in
     * Souvenir boarding photographs taken by a professional photographer
     * Visit another island - Lanai, the Pineapple Island
     * Visit Hulopoe Bay Marine Preserve and its beautiful tide pools
     * Excellent chance of seeing large schools of spinnner and bottlenose dolphins
     * Includes a landing on Lanai 
     * Lunch: croissant sandwich, small salad, chips, cookies, power bar and condiments 
     * Beverages including water, soda and juices are available from the ice chests on the boat throughout the trip
     * A full day of fun and adventure aboard one of our Explorer Super Rafts
     * Explorer Super Rafts are the largest in the islands and the only rafts with an onboard restroom

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
7:00 am departure time for early morning trip
9:30 am departure time for mid morning trip
Pregnant women, people with bad backs/necks and children under the age of 5 are not able to particpate in this activity.

When heading across the channel to the island of Lanai. Lanai's resident pod of spinner dolphins are often encountered off the island of Lanai with lots of tropical reef fish, green sea turtles and occasional manta rays at the snorkel sites. This trip features an off-shore snorkel site either going to or coming from Lanai. White Manele Beach    

A landing is made on Lanai at Manele Harbor and guests then take a short (1/4 mile) walk to Hulopo'e Bay Marine Reserve with its beautiful white sand crescent beach. Shaded picnic tables are available for visiting with new fellow passenger friends and enjoy lunch or a snack. Guests can snorkel in the bay, hike to Sweetheart Rock and wade or snorkel in the tide pools or visit the Manele Bay Hotel -- all a short distance from the public beach. Guests will have 3+ hours on the island visit, for a total trip of 6+ hours to the island of Lanai.


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