• Scuba Molokini "Certs Only"

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Scuba Molokini "Certs Only"

MAUI Activities The "depth is the limit" for every certified diver joining this highly acclaimed dive organization, Mike Severns Diving, on this unforgettable journey to Molokini and beyond.

A fifteen minute boat ride away, the little volcanic islet of Molokini offers some of our most exciting diving. A volcano sitting on a three hundred foot bottom, its sides either slope up or rise vertically, and visibility is usually crystal clear. It is at Molokini that we are most likely to see reef sharks or pelagic animals like manta rays and it is here that you will see some of the most beautiful coral reef Hawaii has to offer. We could go on and on about Molokini. When visiting scientists, photographers and filmmakers come here, Molokini is their number one choice for many reasons.
Other possible sites include the St. Anthony wreck, a 65-foot longliner, sunk in October of 1997 and now home to over 70 species of fish, and many sites in Makena, an area just south of Wailea and part of a huge bay created by the shape of the island of Maui. The bottom is generally a very gradually sloping sand bottom with many volcanic outcroppings, ridges, small caves, archways and pinnacles. Some of our dive sites in Makena are home to abundant green sea turtles. 
Sites are chosen in the morning taking into consideration the sea conditions and divers' requests.
For 32 years Mike Severns Diving has been taking small groups of certified divers to both popular and off-the-beaten-path areas for truly educational, personalized diving. Diving in Hawaii is strikingly different from diving in many other parts of the world (fully a quarter of the marine life can be found only in Hawaii!) and an experienced guide can make a world of difference. The five Mike Severns Diving crewmembers are very experienced and safety conscious, and put no restrictions on dive time as long as computers and air allow.

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