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Ulalena Show Gold Seating

MAUI Activities - Book your Ulalena GOLD SEATS at an incredible discount and get a FREE UPGRADE TO PLATINUM SEATING! This is an increadible show, acclaimed by critics as..."masterful, exhilarating and surprising"...Ulalena is the name of the newest and most amazing stage production to come from Hawaii in decades and available exclusively on Maui. This is a powerful production that is both universal and intimate. Born from a mythology populated by beings larger than life representing a natural landscape alive with volcanoes, vast oceans and primeval rain forests, the story begins with the mythic creation of the islands and rolls through successive waves of voyagers who have found their way to these shores. From the first Polynesians to Captain Cook, and finally to us.

There is a wind peculiar to Maui that rises at twilight. It whispers of other places and other times, both mythic and real. It blows between daylight and night, between times and worlds. It is hopeful and cleansing. The ancient Hawaiian name for this wind is Ulalena.

This is a unique and compelling story. One worth telling, and Maui Theatre presents this theatrical experience as impressive as the story. This is not just a theatre. It is a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art venue built for this presentation. It employs the talents of some of Hawaii's most distinguished musicians and performers, combining live traditional Hawaiian music with 8-channel surround sound.

Every seat maintains a sense of intimacy and interaction with the performance. Traditional Butoh theatre is blended with acrobatic feats of strength and beauty. Hula is combined with modern dance. Rich costumes, lighting and stage design are woven together into a filagree of fantastic images drawn from Hawaiian legend and history, pulling the viewer out of time and into a place of wonder, experiencing with awe the spirit-filled landscape of the imagination of the ancient Hawaiian story tellers.

Please check seating chart by scrolling pictures to number 4 to see the rows you will be seating in (13th and 14th rows - side sections). Please click here for our PLATINUM SEATING DISCOUNTED RATE.

Reviewed by: Kenzie Nichols, United States, March 2014

Ulalena was a beautiful show. The cast did a wonderful job demonstrating the beauty of the Hawaiian culture and its past! The acrobatics were insane too, I couldn't take my eyes off of her!! The singing and music, dancing, colors, and everything else were wonderful, I definitely recommend this show!!!

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