• Ultimate Kauai Helicopter from Lihue

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Ultimate Kauai Helicopter from Lihue

KAUAI Activities - Explore the unreachable beauty that is Kauai on this unforgettable 45-55 minute flight from Lihue. You will see the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, Mount Waialeale while learning about the legends and history of the island that our pilots call home.
Your flight will feature the famous Waimea Canyon, dubbed by Mark Twain as the " Grand Canyon of the South Pacific." Although Mark Twain never visited the island, he must have seen enough of it to judge the unparalleled grandeur of this famous Kauai landmark. It is truly a spectacular sight!

Next, you'll view Mount Waialeale, known as the wettest spot on earth and featuring an average annual rainfall of about forty feet. Most of the mountain rain drains into the nearby Alakai Swamp, home to several rare species of plants and birds.

You'll also be in awe of Wailua Falls, one of Hawaii's most beautiful waterfalls, and known as Fantasy Island Waterfalls for their cameo appearance weekly in the TV series of the same name.

Last, but not at all the least, you'll experience the legendary Na Pali Coast, with its dramatic cliffs chisled by time to a razor sharp beckoning, is spellbinding no matter how many times you see it. This is the home of the legendary Bali Hai as seen in the 20th Century Fox movie, South Pacific and yes, it is calling you.

You'll fly the FX-Star Helicopter, featuring all forward facing customized bench style seats giving excellent visibility. Choose between two styles of seating, First Class or Open.
FX First Class Seating: Passengers enjoy “First Class” front seating, next to pilot, with extra arm and leg room. Maximum combined weight for two passengers: 400 lbs.
FX Open Seating: Industry standard six-passengers, seat assignment determined by weight and balance.

A DVD of your actual flight narrated and orchestrated by your pilot with our exclusive state-of-the-art system is available for $49.95.

*Sites and features are Captain's discretion and cannot be guaranteed, as they are dependent on weather and other factors. A different flight pattern may be necessary in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.



1- Weight & Size Guidelines: Helicopter weight and balance changes with every flight because of passenger weight, pilot weight and length of flight (fuel weight). It is important that you provide accurate body weight for every passenger. FAA regulations require all passengers and their carry-on items to be weighed at time of check-in. If a standard airline seat belt is too small or you weigh over 240 pounds you may be required to purchase a comfort seat on most flights (please call our Concierge line at 800-350-3849 to check for other options).

2- Scuba Diving: No scuba diving 24 hours prior to helicopter tour departure time.

3- Children:  A child 23 months or younger may fly at no charge and must sit on adult’s lap. Please provide child’s weight at time of booking. Children 2 yrs. and older must occupy a seat with seat belt on and are charged full fare.

4- Routes & Flight Time: Helicopter:  Companies cannot guarantee any specific routes or sights, which may vary due to weather. Flight times are estimates and may vary a few minutes.

5- Photography: Bring lots of film!! Don't forget to check for batteries and memory space!!!

6- What to wear: Wear a dark colored shirt to reduce glare on the plexiglass windows.


Cancellations must be made by calling our concierge lines at 808-214-9283. We will not accept cancellations via email, voicemail, fax or chatline. You must call at least 48 hours before the event for credit or refund to be applied. Some activities require a longer notice or will not allow cancellations once booking is made (each tour description will show exceptions to the 48 hour rule if applicable). Activities are 100% refunded in the event of your tour being canceled by the Activity Provider for any reason, such as weather, mechanical, etc. Ohana Fun! Hawaii will make every effort to get approval from an activity provider but cannot guarantee a refund until such approval is granted. If you have any questions regarding a specific activity refund policy please call our concierge lines at 1-808-214-9283 prior to making your booking.

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