• Kona Dolphin Swim

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Kona Dolphin Swim

BIG ISLAND Activities - The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the few places in the world so accessible to watching dolphins in the wild. Uniquely adapted to their environment, dolphins are one of the most intelligent marine mammals.


     * Opportunity to Swim with Dolphins!

This 4 hour adventure is focused on finding the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and/or the Spotted Dolphins and spending quality time with them. You will get to interact with the dolphins while learning about them and getting great photo opportunities both above and below the surface. Guests may get to swim with the dolphins depending on where they are and what they are doing. Swimming with Dolphins is one of the most sought out activity in Hawaii.  Our local knowledge and expertise in finding the dolphins comes from 15 years of experience, whalewatching, and snorkeling tours in Kona.

Utmost care is given not to disrupt their rest, nursing and breeding behaviors. We do have a high success rate of finding the dolphins and letting them "choose" whether to interact with us or not. When they do choose to interact with us, it is truly magical and can be a life changing experience. One example is when the dolphins are "playing the leaf game" they will often bring the leaf or "toy" over to a swimmer as if inviting them to play with them.

All snorkel gear, Light lunch, fresh fruit, and drinks are included.
Guests are asked to bring a towel , sunscreen, and cover up.
Check-in at 7:45 AM and returns at 12:30 PM

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