• Molokini 2 Hour Raft Adventure

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Molokini 2 Hour Raft Adventure

MAUI Activities - The Molokini Express is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the crystal clear waters and abundant marine life at Molokini but prefer to limit their time on the water to 2 hours.


     * Fast way to get to Molokini
     * Prime location away from the crowds
     * Arrive at the crater after the crowds have just departed
     * Small groups only 24 passengers
     * Alcohol & Smoke free boat

Available: Daily during Summer & Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays (DEC- MAY)
Check in:11:15am
Departs: 11:30am
Returns: 1:30pm

Express transport to Molokini via these high powered rafts will take less than 15 minutes. Once briefed, fitted with top quality gear and in the water, over one hour of snorkeling time is available at prime locations away from the crowds.

By arriving at the crater just after most of the other boats have just departed, we find the area to almost empty alowing us to drift snorkel large areas of the rim if we choose to.

One of the most popular and spectacular drifts is over the outer reef formed by the rim of the volcano which at points is only two or three feet deep and then drops off on the outside to 200feet. Gliding over the reef gives one the feeling of flying as you look off the edge of the world!

The backside of Molokini might remind one of "The Abyss" as the wall plunges to depths of 300 to 400 feet. If the wind picks up on the inside of the crater, this area is often the calmest water for snorkeling. Tropical fish are just about everywhere, but the shafts of light, awesome visibilty, towering cliffs and sheer drop offs are what make this site so unique.

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