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Dolphin Royal Swim - Sea Life Park

Oahu Activities - Sea Life Park Hawaii introduces the Dolphin Royal Swim, an exciting dolphin activity and the highlight of all interactive dolphin programs. You'll get to know two of the smartest, fastest dolphins and take an exhilarating, thrilling ride that you'll never forget. This is the ultimate adventure for your next trip to Hawaii.

The Dolphin Royal Swim begins with an affectionate dolphin handshake and kiss on the cheek. Next, you'll go for a fun dorsal fin ride. The most breathtaking moment comes during the foot push, when you feel all the strength and energy of these wonderful marine mammals as they jet you across the water from the bottom of your feet.

Sea Life Park is located at scenic Makapuu Point, on Oahu's windward coast, only 30 minutes from Waikiki. You'll get up close and personal with a fantastic array of marine life and make amazing discoveries about the inhabitants of our aquatic world. You can watch the performances or wade right in with the wildlife. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an animal trainer or an aquarist? Now you can find out in one of Sea Life Park's special interactive programs.
- This swim with dolphins program includes a foot push, where the dolphins propel you full speed across the water's surface while they push you from under your feet
- During your Dolphin Royal Swim in Hawaii, you will also enjoy a dorsal tow, where two dolphins take you on a ride as you hold on to their fins
- Rate includes PARK ADMISSION, TRANSPORTATION to/from Waikiki hotels, a refillable SOUVENIR CUP, Three (3) PHOTOS and a $10 CREDIT,good at any cash register at Sea Life Park, such as gift shops, photo and restaurant. 

- Duration: 45 minutes (including orientation)
- Minimum height for this Hawaii activity: 40"
- The use of safety vests is required for all Sea Life Park Hawaii water programs
- Mandatory for children from 8 to 12 years old be accompanied in the water by a paying adult (one per child)
- Minimum age: 8 years old
- Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this program
- Accompanying paying adult must be 18 years or older
- It is important to arrive 30 minutes before the start of your reserved program at Sea Life Park Hawaii
- ADD ON Sea Lion Swim, Shark Trek or Hawaiian Ray Encounter available! Get a special package for more exciting encounters in one visit!!

- If children are 13 years old or over, they may swim on their own during the Dolphin Royal Swim
- Use only biodegradable sun lotion to protect the animals and their environment

NO jewelry (including piercing jewelry) or anything that can potentially fall off in the water, such as sunglasses, glasses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair ties.  Failure to comply may result in declining participation to the program.

Sea Lion Swim
Swim with a Sea Lion in a playful, educational, and interactive atmosphere. During the program, guests will be able to stroke a sea lion as the sea lion swims underwater. Guests will receive a performance and kiss from their sea lion! Act as a trainer and learn to communicate with the sea lion using hand signals.

Shark Trek
Step into the water with only a wire mesh between you and those spectacular animals. Venture in for a very personal, extremely up close encounter with the most feared and misunderstood predators on the planet. Immerse yourself among 10 native Hawaiian sharks, up to *four different species in nearly 300,000 gallons of tropical water. There is no substitute for the intense thrill of Shark Trek!

Reef Encounter
Swim in a special lagoon and meet Hawaiian rays face-to-face as they glide through the water. Using floatation vests snorkel and mask, participants can observe and interact with adorable Hawaiian rays. Guests have the opportunity swim and touch the rays as well as feed the reef fish. These graceful marine animals are gentle and friendly. This program is great for families and kids.

Dolphin Aloha - Get close and personal with the dolphins! You'll pet and feed the dolphins at the backstage pool while watching them perform unique tricks.

Due to the popularity of the interactive programs and the limited number of seats advanced reservations are a must. Depending on the time of the year the dolphin adventures can sometimes be book up weeks in advance!

We recommend you call our reservation line at 1-800-350-3849 to confirm available dates during your stay on Oahu before making your reservation online;  you may then resume your booking online or make it with your concierge over the phone.


Cancellations must be made by calling our concierge lines at 808-214-9283. We will not accept cancellations via email, voicemail, fax or chatline. You must call at least 48 hours before the event for credit or refund to be applied. Some activities require a longer notice or will not allow cancellations once booking is made (each tour description will show exceptions to the 48 hour rule if applicable). Activities are 100% refunded in the event of your tour being canceled by the Activity Provider for any reason, such as weather, mechanical, etc. Ohana Fun! Hawaii will make every effort to get approval from an activity provider but cannot guarantee a refund until such approval is granted. If you have any questions regarding a specific activity refund policy please call our concierge lines at 1-808-214-9283 prior to making your booking.

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