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Big Island Activities Review

The Island of Hawaii, also popularly known as the Big Island, is the largest and youngest of all the Hawaiian Islands. Known for its vast lava fields and dormant and active volcanoes, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, respectively, the island brings in roughly 1.5 million visitors a year.
The Big Island offers activities and amenities that are offered on the other islands, as well as exclusive, unique activities that can be done nowhere else.
One of the main activities that are recommended to do no matter where you are is to attend a luau. Luaus on the Big Island are a delightful activity to partake in that exposes you to the true essence of the Hawaiian Islands, while being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy wonderful company, food, and hula entertainment.  While staying on the Big Island, be sure to check out the Island Breeze Luau or the Royal Kona Luau, as either one will provide you and your family with a great time!
Another activity that is recommended and highly praised is a helicopter tour on the Big Island. The Big Island boasts 11 of 13 climate zones that exist on Earth, so seeing all of these different climate zones, along with the constant lava flow into the ocean from Kilauea volcano will surely take your breath away. The Kona Volcano Deluxe Helicopter Tour takes you on an hour and 45 minute flight that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!
One last activity that is special and unique to the Big Island is the Manta Ray dive trips. Throughout the last 30 years, these gentle giants have become conditioned to know that during these dives, they will be provided with a free dinner! Therefore, it is an almost full guarantee that you will see manta rays while on this trip! Their wingspan range on average from 5-8 feet, yet some can be up to 14 feet! There are a couple of options to participate in this activity on the Big Island and it is hands-down an incredible experience!
Besides these three major activities available on the Big Island, some other highly recommended activities, including parasailing, jet-skiing, and kayak tours, are worth keeping in mind!

We have created a top 10 list of activities to do on the Big Island to help our visitors narrow down their ideas while they are on the island. We created this list by honestly compiling popularity, customer feedback, variety of activities and variety of prices. See below for the list!

Top 10 Activities To Do While On The Big Island!

1. Island Breeze Luau
2. Kona Volcano Deluxe Helicopter Tour
3. Manta Ray Diving Trip
4. Parasailing
5. Jet Skiing
6. Big Island HIstorical Sunset Dinner Cruise
7. Big Island Live Volcano Flight
8. Royal Kona Luau
9. Afternoon Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure
10. Atlantis Submarine Adventure Kona

We are working to use this page to give our visitors some ideas of things to on the Big Island. We will do the best we can to give honest feedback and suggestions on the best activities on the Big Island of Hawaii. But this isn't just for us to share with you, we want our customers to give us feedback and suggestions to share with all our viewership. So if you have any ideas, recommendations or any personal top ten lists of things to do on the Big Island or Hawaii in general, please email them to us at activities@ohanafun.net.

Not all of our activities for the Big Island are published on our website. Please call and speak with one of our agents to see if we can find a great option for your vacation: 808-214-9283

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