• Oahu (Honolulu) Activities Review

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Oahu (Honolulu) Activities Review

Oahu, popularly known as “The Gathering Place”, is where modern luxury meets historical richness. Widely known for the attack at Pearl Harbor in World War II, Oahu is now a visitor haven, bringing in roughly 5 million visitors each year, and for great reasons!
Much like the island of Maui and Big Island, there are generally a wide variety of popular activities to participate in while visiting Oahu.
One major activity people enjoy doing while visiting Oahu is to attend a luau. Luaus are a wonderful activity that immerses people in the Hawaiian culture by watching hula, eating delicious local style food, listening to Hawaiian music, and even participating in activities such as lei making or learning to hula dance!
Another key activity people enjoy participating in while on vacation in Oahu is to take a helicopter tour. A lot of the beauty of Oahu can only be seen from the air and even if you are familiar with a location, you will be shocked at how different it will look from a couple thousand feet above. If you’d like to take an air tour of the island, be sure to check out Paradise Helicopter’s “Best of Oahu” tour!
A final major activity that is done in Oahu and is strongly recommended is visiting the Pearl Harbor memorial site. More than 1.5 million people visit the memorial each year. While at the monument, you will be taken on a historic journey back to 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked and can go out to the site of the sunken USS Arizona.
Other activities that are recommended that many people have enjoyed include surfing lessons, horseback or ATV riding at the famous Kualoa Ranch, snorkeling, and even cage diving with sharks!

We have created a top 10 list of activities to do in Oahu to help our visitors narrow down their ideas while they are on the island. We created this list by honestly compiling popularity, customer feedback, variety of activities and variety of prices. See below for the list!

Top 10 Activities To Do While On Oahu!

1. Start to End Pearl Harbor Tour
2. Paradise Cove Luau
3. Best of Oahu Helicopter Tour
4. Oahu Snorkel Picnic Sail
5. North Shore Shark Adventures
6. Dolphin Swim Adventure-Sea Life Park
7. Parasailing Oahu
8. Chiefs Polynesian Luau at Makapu'u
9. Pearl Harbor/AZ Memorial
10. Private Surfing Lesson Oahu

Our intent is to use this page to give our visitors some ideas of things to in Oahu or Honolulu . We will do the best we can to give honest feedback and suggestions on the best activities in Oahu. But this isn't just for us to share with you, we want our customers to give us feedback and suggestions to share with all our viewership. So if you have any ideas, recommendations or any personal top ten lists of things to do in Oahu, Honolulu or Hawaii, please email them to us at activities@ohanafun.net.

Not all of our activities for Oahu are published on our website. Please call and speak with one of our agents to see if we can find a great option for your vacation: 808-214-9283

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