• Piiholo Ranch Maui Horseback Rides

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Piiholo Ranch Maui Horseback Rides

MAUI ACTIVITIES -  Enjoy one of Piiholo Ranch's beautiful  private country rides on horseback through the pastures of their 800 acre working Ranch, located on the slopes of Mount Haleakala.  As you ride along the rolling hills of the ranch, as you go past the cattle, as they pasture you will enjoy breathtaking views of the volcano and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Every rider will be matched up with a horse according to their height, weight and riding experience.  A ranch wrangler will give a brief riding demonstration and will review safety guidelines and ranch etiquette. Here are their awesome horseback ride options:

You'll be greeted at their pavillion by your wrangler, who will introduce you to the horse they picked for you and tell you about their love for horses. You'll also learn about basic horsemanship, groundwork, grooming and equitation skills.
Length: 1 hour
Available MON-SAT
Time: 1 PM (check-in at 12:30 PM)

PRIVATE 2-Hour Country Ride (Ages 8 & up)

This 2-hour ride roams through a working cattle ranch, towering Eucalyptus forests and green Kikuyu and Pangola pastures. Views overlook the entire valley, West Maui mountains, north and south shores and rolling pineapple and sugarcane fields. Includes refreshments.
Length: 2 hours
Available DAILY
Times: 9:30 AM, 10 AM & 2 PM (check-in: 30 minutes prior)

PRIVATE 3-Hour Ride With Lunch (Ages 8 & up)
This 3 hour ride is a private horse ride that offers tranquility, simplicity, and privacy abroad an 800-acre private working Ranch with an exclusive invitation to the Private Baldwin Cabins for lunch. Experience is not necessary. Let the experienced and professional Paniolo (Cowboy) take you on an unforgettable horseback ride on Maui like no other.
Length: 3 hours
Available DAILY
Time: 10 AM (check-in: 9:30 AM)


Cowboy For The Day 3-HOUR Ride (Ages 8 & up)**
Explore Piiholo Ranch and spend the day as a true Paniolo "Hawaiian Cowboy" . On this exciting 3 hour activity, you will get to ride through the Ranch into open pasture to round up the cattle for driving and sorting. You will ride through lush green pastures and fragrant eucalyptus forests with plenty of open space to ride with majestic ocean and Haleakala mountain views. On the ranch, when cattle have grazed one pasture for a period of time, they need to be rounded up and moved to a new pasture of fresh grass. This is where the fun begins. Your wrangler will show you what it takes to get certain individuals or the whole group of cattle to move in a direction you want them to go.
Cattle, not unlike many other animals, have their own space comfort. You will learn to get into their space to get them to move where you want. This is the cowboy way to handle cattle without making a lot of noise. There is always time to give a good yahoo when they do what you want! This is a great way to experience
authentic Paniolo tradition in a safe and exciting setting and be a "cowboy for a day". After we finish our cattle work, we end up back at the Ranch Headquarters for a picnic lunch at the pavilion.
**This is NOT a private ride
Must wear long pants and closed toe shoes

Maximum weight: 
Max weight: 225 lbs / Min. height: 5'10"
Max weight: 210 lbs / Min. height: 5'9"
Max weight: 190 lbs / Min. height: 5'8"
Max weight: 180 lbs / Min. height: 5'6"
Max weight: 170 lbs / Min. height: 5'5"
Max weight: 165 lbs / Min. height: 5'3"
Max weight: 160 lbs / Min. height: 5'1"
Max weight: 155 lbs / Min. height: 5'0"
Max weight: 150 lbs / Min. height: 4'11"

Minimum age: 8  Riders ages 12 & under must be accompained by an adult.  Riders 13 & up must have a parent or guardian sign waiver.
All riders 17 & under MUST WEAR A HELMET.
Rides go out RAIN OR SHINE, unless due to extreme weather.

Cancellations must be made by calling our concierge lines at 808-214-9283. We will not accept cancellations via email, voicemail, fax or chatline. You must call at least 48 hours before the event for credit or refund to be applied. Some activities require a longer notice or will not allow cancellations once booking is made (each tour description will show exceptions to the 48 hour rule if applicable). Activities are 100% refunded in the event of your tour being canceled by the Activity Provider for any reason, such as weather, mechanical, etc. Ohana Fun! Hawaii will make every effort to get approval from an activity provider but cannot guarantee a refund until such approval is granted. If you have any questions regarding a specific activity refund policy please call our concierge lines at 1-808-214-9283 prior to making your booking.

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