• Live Volcano Heli & Ground Tour Combo from Maui or Honolulu

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Live Volcano Heli & Ground Tour Combo from Maui or Honolulu

Enjoy this amazing package that will take you from Maui or Oahu to the Big Island of Hawaii,  fly you over the Big Island's rainforest, waterfalls and Mount Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, then drive you for a visit to Hawaii's Volcano National Park, where you'll get a "hands on" feel for what it is like to walk and touch black lava, go into lava tunnels and more!  You'll witness Mount Kilauea and its diverse scenery from the air and from the ground. This special and fun filled day has the potential to be the highlight of your vacation in Hawaii!

Inter-island airfare from Maui or Waikiki
Hotel Transfers from Waikiki ONLY (Oahu)
50 minute volcano & waterfalls helicopter flight
Friendly & expert volcano tour guide
Kialuea Iki overlook
Thurston lava tube
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
National Park Visitors Center
Kilauea volcanic steam vents
Jaggar museum & gift shop
National Park Admission
Halema'uma'u Crater overlook
Volcanic activity of Mount Kilauea
Aerial tour of Mount Kilauea

Important Information & Restrictions:

Oahu Guests: Round-trip transportation is included for those staying at Waikiki Hotels or condominiums. The exact pick up location and time will be on your voucher.
Maui Guests:  Must arrive at Kahului Airport one hour prior to flight departure. There's NO hotel transportation included for Maui passengers. Airport Parking will be an additional cost 

All Guests:
Flight schedule subject to change
You'll need to report accurate body weights for the helicopter tour.
Passengers weighing more than 250 lbs will be required to pay for a comfort seat directly to the helicopter company (half the price of  tour portion only)
Helicopter flight provided by Safari Helicopters. In the even your helicopter flight is cancelled due to weather, ONLY that portion of the tour will be refundable

Lunch & Dinner:
Guaranteed "no-host" lunch & dinner stops will be made at local restaurants. Be sure to bring cash and/or credit card for meal & souvenir purchases.

What to Bring:
Government issued ID for flight check-in (non U.S residents must present valid Passports)
Cash and/or Credit Card for meals, parking and souvenir purchases 

Wear covered shoes
Comfortable clothes & a light jacket
No swim suits
Bring sunscreen
Shirts are required. We recommend wearing dark colors for best picture quality (avoid the glare!)

Additional Information:
Lava sighting cannot be guaranteed, however, this year many tours experienced lava sightings so it is a possibility. There will be no reimbursements should you not see lava, but we can tell you that this volcano tour is filled with tons of exciting stops & stories.
Volcanic fumes (VOG) are hazardous to your health. Persons with breathing & heart difficulties, pregnant women, infants, and young children are especially at risk & should consult a health care professional before taking this tour to avoid potential health problems from exposure to fumes.
All passengers are required to sign a release of liability form.
Airline flight times are subject to change.
Because this tour involves inter-island flights, we are required by Federal law to provide the TSA full name, date of birth, & gender of each passenger. U.S. citizens must present a current government issued picture ID & international visitors are required to have a valid passport. Regrettably, we are unable to refund any portion of the tour due to non-compliance of these regulations.

Weight Restrictions (Helicopter portion of tour):
Passengers in excess of 250 lbs may be charged an additional fee equal to one half the tour cost. Passengers who weigh more than 300 lbs will be charged for an additional seat.
Any two passengers whose combined weight exceeds 430 lbs may be required to purchase a comfort seat (one half the tour cost). It's important the weight you report is consistent with your weight at check-in. Anyone who grossly understate their weights are subject to being bumped off the flight without any compensation or refunds.

***It's imperative that guests weight as reported. Those who weigh more than reported may be bumped off the flight without any compensation.***

By placing an online order or making a phone reservation with a concierge you acknowledge our PRICING & CANCELLATION POLICY

Cancellations must be made by calling our concierge lines at 808-214-9283. We will not accept cancellations via email, voicemail, fax or chatline. You must call at least 48 hours before the event for credit or refund to be applied. Some activities require a longer notice or will not allow cancellations once booking is made (each tour description will show exceptions to the 48 hour rule if applicable). Activities are 100% refunded in the event of your tour being canceled by the Activity Provider for any reason, such as weather, mechanical, etc. Ohana Fun! Hawaii will make every effort to get approval from an activity provider but cannot guarantee a refund until such approval is granted. If you have any questions regarding a specific activity refund policy please call our concierge lines at 1-808-214-9283 prior to making your booking.

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